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SESSION 2015-2016


This Workshop cum Contest was organised by a well-known 'Art Interiors' Company that work under the brand name of 'My Wall' .
This was @  The Hall of Books, SDPW Campus. Students from the Dept. of Interior Design and Textile & Apparel Design participated on
20th of August, 2015.

The aim of the workshop was an initiative to bring awareness among the Design Students corpus, about the latest printing technology available for customisation in Interior Decor for Home, Corporate and Retail Sectors. During the workshop, Participants had an opportunity to interact with experts and specialists on 'print expressions' that give added value to the creative output of a Designer Community.
 70 Students took part in the Contest and entries that won, were on themes of (i) Foyer reception area of a School (ii) Bedroom of a newly married couple.
Congratulations again, to the 3 winners from Ashima Chaudhuri-Director and Faculty-Art & Design.




Inter College fest of Design ‘COLOURVERVE’

Contests & Competitions

The college has numerous fun filled inter –departmental activities, time to time. Perhaps, none of them are as joyous and exhilarating as the dance Competitions. The faculty is happy to see that esoteric talents are highlighted and many tremulous girls come into the limelight, during this popular event. It is also heartening to note that young people play a role and attain awareness of heritage and folklore. Even if they are going to perform a fusion or other modern genres.
There is another very laudatory thing to acknowledge – it is that such competitions test a student’s intuitive nerve and ability to circumvent unpredictable and unexpected situations. It is amazing to see students continue with their piece, despite a broken sandal or a personal loss. It is more incredible, when they pick (Like the Department of Beauty Cosmetology &Hair Styling) a handicapped /challenged student, to give her chance to share in the fun and excitement. Even though they know, it may well give the other departments, a march ahead - on the tally score.

Further moments from the : DANCE SHOW COMPETITIONS

The pulsating undercurrents of fair rivalry and expectations reach a peak, 4-5 days before the event. There is great intrigue and subterfuge, before the staging of the event. Rehearsals are often done in great secrecy. So that other teams, do not catch onto key movements.

There is also a frantic rush to submit the music of each team, as there are extra marks for punctuality and minus marks for late submissions
There are generally two shows and the appointed jury panel judge both of them. There are always members in the jury panel NOT conversant with the genre of performing art. This is to have a non_technical and ‘from-the-heart’ assessment alongwith professionally experienced accreditation. There is mathematical marking in different categories that include: Entry/Exit, choreography, costume, overall team synchrony etc. Then, there are agonizing moments full of suspense, when the counting is done for the announcement of the winning teams. It must be remembered that the jury is not told which departments come on stage. This is to eliminate bias or prejudice.

Finally, the ecstatic joys and screams of exultation break out, right after the announcements, from the happy winners. Old students often remark, that moment is imprinted forever in their mind and are just unforgettable!

Inter College fest of Design held for reputed colleges of Interior Design by Asian Paints by this name of ‘COLOURVERVE’, at the AMITY CAMPUS, NOIDA.
Ms. Lipika Sud, Famous Interior Designer inaugurated the competition. 9 STUDENTS from the DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR DESIGN of SOUTH DELHI POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN, who had cleared the 1st phase of the WORKSHOP, took an active part in this competition. Medium of display was THEME BOARDS, MOOD BOARDS and a POWER-POINT PRESENTATION.
A group of 5 STUDENTS of SOUTH DELHI POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN were adjudged as the 2nd PRIZE WINNERS. They were awarded a TROPHY and participation certificates.
This competition provided the students a platform to broaden their knowledge and showcased their ideations, creativity and innovations in the field of design.