Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013


Placement & Employement




Vocational Careers, unlike many other studies, lead to immediate employment and actual jobs.

The 50 year old Placement Cell, alongwith Faculty, Old Students' Alumni and eminent visiting Professionals, help in Job Recruitments. This is both on a general and individual basis.

There are campus interviews, field and floor-level recruitments and also referral placements. Do remember though, it is not only the best student who gets jobs. All students get jobs, provided they are able to define their priorities and inhance or redefine their abilities.It must also be emphasised that there are lateral entries into many professions, due to the specific or multitudinous skills in vogue or in demand, by the Industry. Therefore, a Holistic Healer or Fitness Programmer, may find herself in the Beauty/Hotel/Tourism Industry. An Event Managermay be placed at the PR Desk of Corporate Companies. A Computer Science Student may be an Office Manager or a Creative Director, in the Film/Media Industry.

Many have the calibre for a full-time career in the regular Industry but choose to opt for the challenge and adventure of self-enterprise. Others, may be first generation literates or the first women to step out of the threshold of their house, for a ‘vocation’. They still choose the hard core world of multi-sector commerce with its professionalism and promotional potential rather than get absorbed into a Cottage/Home industry.