Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013



Hi girls,

After joining the renowned South Delhi Polytechnic or Women I learnt the technicalities of Media field. I gained a lot of practical experience along with the theoretical knowledge. We were involved in many in door and outdoor project and shoots. This exposure helped me to gain much of confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed the full journey in this Polytechnic and will always miss the same.

Ritika Malhotra [Media communication]
Dear Students
Each day spent at South Delhi Polytechnic for women  facilitated my transformation from a fresher fo a well informed individual ready to accept challenges confidence  thoroughly enjoyed institute’s distinctive teaching  methodology , contents and delivery system with other innovative  and cutting edge  programmes

Ishika Mehrotra  [Media Communication]
Dear Junior friends,
I did this Holistic Health & Fitness course from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women and I have become a new personality after doing it.  I have learned so many things therapies in this course that now I am able to cure and help myself, my family members and the society.(On their physical health as well as on their emotional level.)  The wonderful well-educated faculty helped me to learn different therapies and now I am able to deal with the emergency situations, with the help of acupressure, Reiki, Aerobics, Meditation, Yoga and Natural Therapies.  The main objective of this course is spiritual, journey and healing of mind body and soul.

SUMAN GUPTA  [Holistic Health & Fitness ]
Hi Future therapists & Healers! 
Firstly, I would like to share my experience of this college with you all.  This college has changed my life and the teachers had always been supporting and motivating.  And I thank my parents too who have encouraged me to join this beautiful college.
Secondly, I just want to say that while joining this course, and I assure you that you can enhance your overall personality development and can turn out to be a great healer, dietician, counselor and a Gym Instructor.
God bless you all!
SUBREENA HAMID BHAT    [Holistic Health & Fitness ]
I would like to give heartfelt thanks to all my faculty members who guided and helped me to score good marks.  There is one corner of college which is so close to my heart, greenery, classes, library, canteen all are very special to me and I m going to miss it.  Faculty of our department is so modernized, new, young and updated.

Divya Sharma   [Travel Tourism & Ticketing]
Hello Everyone!
Almost all women in my family have been a part of the Polytechnic including my MUM.  This isn’t just an institute that shapes young aspiring girls into determined and independent women, it’s an extended family.
Before joining the Polytechnic, I was a BBA student but dropped out to follow my heart and enrolled here into the Commercial art Department.
These 3 years have been the most amazing ones in my life.  I learnt about things, different art styles, aesthetics, the importance of the viewer.  I found my best friends here.  The teachers have not only helped us become better at what we do, but unlike other colleges the have given each and every one of us personal attention and made sure we improve and evolve into better commercial artists. 
I wish the newcomers all the best!  Hope your experience here is special like ours!
Dear Freshers,

I find myself lucky and blessed joining this college.  Here I have learnt so much.  When I joined here I had no intention to continue 2 years but after bring here I got influenced to do 3 years as well. I have never regretted it.  I got so much more time to learn so much more!.  I am happy to be part of this college. It gave me so much experience.  Teachers here are cooperative and understanding, even on personal issues.  I love this college!.  My Unforgettable college!!!!!

SURBHI JAIN [Fashion Design]

My experience of 3 years in Jewellery Design and Manufacture was wonderful.  The course not only helped me to grow as a designer but also improved a well as enhanced me as an artist.  My teachers developed the sense of passion and thrill in me while designing.  Now at the end of these 3 years, when I look back, I see an immature artist grow to be a confident one.  In short ,great experience,a wonderful environment and my lovely teachers. . 3 years of my life, I will never forget!

SHREYASHI ROY CHOUDHARY [Jewellery Design &  Manufacture]
Dear New Students,

As a student of Advertising, I had great expectation from my department before I joined this college.  I am very proud to say that my college has given me more than I asked for.  It’s been a great journey at this campus, everyday here has taught me something new.It made me grow and evolve not only as a future professional but also as a human being.  The focus here has not been only on academic part but also the overall development of the students.

SHAHZADI BATRA  [Advertising P.R. & Business Studies]

I came to this college to make my dreams com true and become a great Beautician and Hair Stylist .As,I always used to enjoy as al little girl to go to the Saloon and to watch all the different kinds of work, there.
I enjoyed watching the change in the looks and personality of women,by professional care.After joining this department, my life has changed completely!I am earning everyday.I have also got confidence in dealing with different people and open my own saloon.
I would like to study more advanced techniques but a big temptation is already having regular clientele.I don’t want to lose them.

Ankita Bhasin [Beauty Cosmetology & Hair Styling]
Dear Girls,
It is an enlightening experience for me to be in the Event Management & Performing Art.  From learning dances of various eras and countries to going for Delhi Jazz, festival, learning etiquettes and voice modulation, mixing music as a DJ and  getting skilled in the managerial tasks all of them have helped me evolve multi-dimensionally.  I have learned to play guitar which was my childhood dream.  I have overcome my fear of publicizing. 
The knowledge, experience and exposure got here is going to help me for my entire life not just in the field of event rather in spheres of my life.  I want to become a successful event planner one day.
KIRTI SINGHAL [Event Management & Performing Art]
Dear Future Students,
I consider myself blessed to have been taught by such excellent teachers, who not only command respect but also gave us friendly support, as and when required.
These three years were a blissful experience. There is nothing more I could have wished for.At present I have been placed at NIKA, OKHLA, PHASE- I. The college not only provided me with a placement but also a lot of my batch friends found employment.
The years spent in this college have given me so much to take along with me, not only the education but the experience itself is so satisfying.Even after passing out I keep coming back to the Campus, for the attachment I have.
I will ever be so grateful for what the college and its faculty has done for us .I am proud to be a part of SOUTH DELHI POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN, and will always be.
Dear Students, 
 I was  in Hotel Catering & Hospitality in 2006.  I did my industrial training in Ashok Hotel.
Right after the diploma, I started working with Jet Airways as a Reservation staff.  After some years of working I thought I should do graduation. I was to take admission, in Delhi University.  But, I got to k now that our college (South Delhi Polytechnic for Women) is offering a degree programme trough Punjab Technical University.  So,I came back to do a degree programme.
During my come back I had faced so much of problem in coping with my studies as I was also working.  I gave a thought plus nderwent counseling Thereby quit my job and concentrated on my studies.
Thankfully, I got a good results .and am onway to conquer my dreams. I strongly encourage students >be a part of SDPW.
Donny Gangte        [Hotel Catering & Hospitality]
Dear Friends,

“A good teacher is like a candle.  It consumes itself to light the way for others”.   Very true as I have experienced and trying to be like this after doing Early Childhood Education course.  We have gained knowledge about the problems faced by the children and how to tackle them.  I have learnt the difference skills in Art & Craft, story telling, puppet show.  The internship in the best schools gave the opportunity of having a live experience.
          Finally, it was a great experience being here with the best teachers.  “Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.”
SHWETA AGGARWAL [Early Childhood Education]
Dear Art Lover Friends,

All the roads are looking for a way to reach a destination. SDPW helps you to make that way.
The Fine art course has largely helped me, to give a sense to understand the creative fields and guided me to a professional level. College has also encouraged me to participate in many art competitions, workshops and other creative ventures.
The college is supporting me in planning for my first official exhibition. I am really thankful and feel very lucky to have studied in this college.
And therefore, a big welcome to all newcomers. Come and fulfill your dreams at sdpw, to any department, but most specially fine art.
Yours truly, Nisha Soni [Fine Art]