Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013


Fashion Presentation

The Fashion Design Department are pioneers in this field. They were the first to commence programme in this field, in the capital city. The annual Fashion Presentation/Ramp walk of the seniormost students,is a much awaited media event.
The Polytechnic is also always, proud to realise that there are so many sister fields as well, in the Campus. For example: Textile &Apparel Design, Jewellery Design, Beauty Cosmetology &Hair Styling, Dept. of Event Management & Performing Art. Interior Design, Holistic Health & Fitness etc.
They all come together in a happy confluence to contribute and host the Poly’s Fashion Show. If we scroll down,we can see that trends and themes may have varied over the years. However ,the spirit of creativity and flame of enduring enterprise has shone in a steady stream,down the river of time.



South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has been imparting vocational training in 18 disciplines, for more than half-a-century! Fashion Design & Merchandising is perhaps the most popular and glamorous department, with the largest number of students. We are also proud to mention that we were the first to commence this field of expression and employment, as an Academic Programme ~ in the capital city of India!

Today, at the Department we feel happy to unveil yet again, the much awaited Annual Fashion Presentation. This year it has been titled as ‘Reflections’. The Final-Yr students present their designed and constructed creativity on the ramp, as a part of their curriculum. Each Designer Student has taken inspiration from various facets of life (hopefully!), incorporating it in contemporary fashions.


AQUA ARRAY : Rashika Gaur & Neha Bharaj
The oceanic hues of blue and sea green fabrics in vibrant heritage drapes, have been created for the gracious woman of Today!

IMMEDIATE ILLUSIONS : Pooja Sejwal & Aditi Singhal
Textile prints were selected to create optical illusions, in one-piece dresses with the proverbial tones of black –and–white.

GENUINE GEOMETRY : Theimila Chiphang & Deepika Aggarwal
A tasteful ensemble of sporty jumpsuits adorned with geometrical patterns that have been finished into a very pleasing outcome, indeed.

PEARL PATINA : Priya Batta & Yogita Sidhu
A collection of Anarkali silhouettes transformed into contemporary wear and embossed with pearls, for a formal occasion.

FROCK FROLIC : Vaishali Tushir & Preeti Swami
'Girlie-style' frocks in dusty pinks 'n peaches (not quite Barbie!), to create the cute notes of youthful life.

DESERT DUNES : Bhivya Rastogi & Pallavi Surana
A very subtle collection of long skirts inspired by desert hues, scorching sun and green cacti .They have culminated into a tasteful sway of shade.

PASTEL PANTALOONS : Kirti Rathore & Komal Dhingra
An amalgam of Indo-western variations of lowers in summer pastels, for diverse dilletantes.

PEACOCK PROMENADE : Neha Goel & Deekhsha Mudgal
Designer Students in this sequence have strived for a balance between Western styling and the Indian soul. Inspired by our National Bird, richly designed creativity is showcased in cognisance to eco-sensitive norms.

LIBERAL LOWERS : Divya Sharma & Megha Karnatak
A couture collection of laced fabrics not merely divided skirts nor ornate Shararas, in combos of sorbet, reds and blacks.

CAPE CONTOURS: Komal Golchha & Shehnaz Jehan
An ensemble of coloured capes, devised with the patchwork technique of piece-meal needlecraft.
DRAPE DRILLS : Nidhi Tokas & Reha Jagga
A play with western drapes that are not quite Roman togas nor Grecian Robes. Sewed seams are at a paucity in this collection.
SHINY SHORTS : Chetna Singh & Ralinder Kaur
The coloured hues of fiery fire and blue ice were selected for shorts & capris. These are garments for the very slim and trim.
URBAN JUNGLE : Rebecca Varghese & Vaishali Taneja
Jet-setting jackets and coats have been tailored with mock animal prints, to give a different flaunt on the urban landscape.
LEHENGA LANGOUR : Ashu Tyagi & Chhanpreet Kaur
Flowy long lehengas are merged with Victoriana of delicate flounce and lace, to give a special striking look.
KALEIDOSCOPIC KAFTANS : Kanchan Upadhyay & Neha Singh
Traditional garments of ease and utility are presented in nouveau techniques of digital prints, for a kaleidoscopic effect.
BUBBLY BOUNCE : Pooja Bhatt &Arzoo Arora
Rich yellow and orange shades crafted onto short skirts with frilled frippery, make for cheerful and lively numbers.
GOWN GLORY : Diksha Rani & Shilpi Tiwari
An accentuated collection of classy neutrals (selected on the theme of 'War & Peace' that endow ornate glamour, in a very European posse.
ATTRACTIVE ACHKANS : Ashna Tarreen & Yashashwini Sriwastawa.
North Indian heritage costumes of Menswear have been metamorphosed for the female personnae, for elegant and heightened drama.

' The Golden Walk ’

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has been imparting Vocational Education for the past five decades . It is the oldest and largest of its kind in India . At present, students are undergoing training in 22 different disciplines.
The department of Fashion Design & Merchandising is more than 40 years old. We feel proud to represent ourselves as pioneers, in the field of Fashion Design. That is, we were the first to teach it in the capital city of India.
It is our endeavour at the College, to provide a professional platform to Final-Year Students, to display their talent and design skills on the Ramp. The annual Fashion Presentation is not only accredited as part of the Curriculum , but also gives them a learning experience as a 'Designer'.
This year, our largest-ever(!) batch of final-year Fashion Design Students have organised a Presentation titled, ‘THE GOLDEN WALK’. The Student Designers have designed and crafted three garments each, with one unique golden embellishment to complement their line.


South Delhi Polytechnic for Women in it’s Golden Jubilee year, has been imparting holistic training through Vocational Education in Northern India - for half a century!
The Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising in turn, was the first to start this as a subject and a professional Career Programme in the capital city of our subcontinent. This popular stream replete with glamour presents this evening a ‘final presentation’ of it’s seniormost students.
The event titled as 'Fashion-ke-Nazare' overtly illustrates the various construction techniques, selection of fabrics and colourways, that the students have focused upon. At the same time, they had to coordinate the final product with relevance to contemporary world, as a commercial merchandise. Kindly note, in order to have uniformity in judicious assessment, each Student Designer was given a Project Assignment. She had to execute a line of 5 Garments, namely: Trousers, Skirt, onepiece Gown, a Drape or a Saree, and a two-piece Costume like Salwar Suit. In significant pertinence, this evening they shall be marked by noted Industry Invitees and these marks shall be accredited to their Final Examination Summation Report.



South Delhi Polytechnic for Women feels proud to present the much awaited annual event - 'The Fashion Presentation' titled : 'Style n Silhouette’ by senior most student designers(as part of curriculum) from the department of 'FASHION DESIGN & MERCHANDISING'.
As always, the college is proud to mention that we were the first to start a Fashion Design Programme, in the capital city of India. This year we happily add, that it is the largest 3rdyr batch since it’s inception. It is an amalgam of 43 young designer students, specializing in specific themes and silhouettes. Each student designer has invested effort to style the line – by taking inspiration from past and present trends alongwith future options in creativity.