Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013




The prestigious Convocation Ceremony is held annually. The passing out batch of Students are awarded with Diplomas, Certificates and Trophies, for various achievements and special performances.

1. First Class First for excelling in the final exams.

2. Director’s Shield for contribution in community upliftment, for the weaker sections of society or SUPW (Socially useful productive work).

3. Marg Drishti Trophy is to acknowledge the achievement of a Student, who has paved a unique path in her profession, and is thereby an inspiration for others.

4. Marg Dipty Trophy is conferred upon a challenged student, who despite her limitations has excelled in her field. She has therefore, illuminated a Vocational Lane in new ways, for those who come after her. This award was instituted in the memory of Late Dipty Chaudhuri, wife of Lt. General Bijeta Chaudhuri and great- grand daughter of Maharishi Debendranath Tagore.

5. Dr. A. R. Shah’s Trophy for 100% attendance in the entire academic Session. Late Dr. Shah was a civil surgeon, in the Central Provinces. He was an ardent promoter of female education, in the last century.

6. Jamila Kidwai Trophy is given to the most immaculate Hostel Student, who displays outstanding cleanliness, neatness, decorum and behaviour. This trophy is given in remembrance to the Late Jamila Kidwai, wife of His Excellency, the former Governor of Bihar, Bengal and Haryana.



Golden Jubilee    CONVOCATION, 10th  December, 2013 /Press  Release 

The South Delhi Polytechnic for Women celebrated it’s 50th year with a Convocation Ceremony. The Chief Guest was Ms. Tavleen Singh, noted Journalist & also Alumni of the College, batch of 1968-69.She, presented  47 first-class-first certificates to students. There were other trophies too, like Dr.A.R.Shah for 100% attendance, Best Hostel student etc. First time away from tradition, One life-time achievement award was given to the Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri and two Citations ‘Patron & venerable Benefactor’ to Late Prof. Mohd.Amin and Dr.A.R. Kidwai.

In the session 2012-2013: 1146 students received training. There were 07 foreign students and 226  from other states of India, 10 gifted students and  175 students in the Campus Hostel. The total staff strength was Full time: 23,  Part time: 37, Visiting: 38, in 21 different departments.

An Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest in the ‘Campus Gallery 2000, ’titled “KANAK Dashak”. This was an exhibition in which the entire college participated and interpreted the 50th year OR Golden Jubilee, from their own perspective. The core space of the Campus Gallery200- displayed the first office furniture of the Founder Director, Ashima Chaudhuri- in a visually artistic visual manner.

There was also a BOOK RELEASE titled ‘The little book’  by the nonagenarian Dr.A.R. Kidwai, ex-Governor Bihar, Bengal, Haryana. This token souvenir created by the Department of Holistic Health & Fitness, contains 50 ways of healing through Nature. It had charming pencil sketches of the herb remedies, to give a lyrical feel to the book.

In the  Convocation  address Ms. Tavleen Singh congratulated the survival of 50 years of South Delhi Polytechnic with such success. She generously mentioned that perhaps if it wasn’t for the College, she may never have become a journalist  !

Her convocation address focused mainly on women empowerment but with an interesting angle, which is characteristic of her. Her words ranged from sentimental memories of the college, when it was in a little house at South Extension - to what it had become - a  2 acres  Campus, today.  She also touched on Roopwati Kawar- the Sati murder.  She elaborated on her work visits as a political analyst to neighbouring countries [Bhutan, SriLanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh] and found that women in India were more politically aware but more needed to be done -  and faster.

Dr. A.R. Kidwai, aged 93 yrs gave the Presidential Address with aplomb. He appreciated Founder Director, Ashima Chaudhuri’s vision for making women self-sufficient and being the first to set up this kind of College. He felt women can truly innovate to excellence in our country and that the Chief Guest was a standing example.

Dr.Reyhan Chaudhuri gave the Vote of Thanks. On behalf of the Director she gave a parting message that went back to 1963, when Ashima Chaudhuri  devised the motto, ‘Activity is the insignia of Life’ and urged passing out students to emulate it, both in their personal and professional  life!



45th    CONVOCATION, 18th  December, 2012 / PRESS  RELEASE 
The South Delhi Polytechnic for Women was established 49 years ago in 1963, under the aegis of the Vocational Education Society. It convened its 45th Convocation today Mr. Lalit Mansingh, Former Ambassador/Foreign Secretary,  was the Chief Guest.  He, presented  50 first class first diplomas to  the first-class-first and other exceptional students got trophies that included: Marg Dipty (for special/challenged students) , Marg Drishti (for unique achievements), Dr. Shah’s Trophy (for 100%attendance) and Jamila Kidwai Award (to best Hostel student).
In the session 2011-2012: 1146 students received training. There were 06 foreign students and 241  from other states of India, 02 gifted students and  145 students in the Campus Hostel. The total staff strength during the academic session was Full time: 29,  Part time: 33, Visiting: 23.

     An Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest in the Campus Gallery 2000, on stones and pebbles titled: “Beauty in Hardness”. This was an exhibition in which the entire college participated. Students creatively explored from the point of view of their department’s perspective or their very vocational vision via the dense, solid and rigid medium of stones..
In the  Convocation address Mr. Lalit Mansingh, said, gave his appreciation of the exhibition and mentioned that students were fortunate to study here, as this college was the first of its kind, in India. He then took the audience on an erudite journey of social history. He traced the root symbolism and stature of women in ancient India, both of veneration and denigration. He then more positively stated that female students were very fortunate to be born at this point of time. When, the rights and freedom of women was never as before. He named famous contemporary women in public offices, most recently the first time woman Head of FICCI-Naina Kidwai. He added that was another thing in India, women did not have to forget their feminine qualities to stand equal among men. He inspired the students passing out in a very novel way.

Mr. Munis R. Kidwai on behalf of Dr. A.R. Kidwai Former Governor of Haryana, Bihar & West Bengal and President of the Vocational Education Society gave the Presidential addressHe condoled the passing away of an eminent teacher and vice-president Of Vocational Education Society –Prof. Mohd Amin. While wishing the students all their best for the future, he stressed on important values like hard work and honesty. He added another key word- thirst for knowledge for further success in life.
 There was also the Director’s report.

The Vote of Thanks was given by  Dr. Reyhan Chaudhuri. There was a parting message in it ,by the Founder Director  Ashima Chaudhuri- to all passing out students. She counseled that as continents were merging and countries were coming together as never before, due to newer technology like the internet. Students should think globally and be international. However, at the same time they should never forget their country and always think of ways that it can be proud of them.