Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013



The convivial cosmopolitan campus plays host to numerous events, through the year. From ceremonial or competitive ones to festive and fun-filled
extravaganzas.They are always memorable and lead to personal growth or
unmask hidden talents.

Most festivals of our country, apart from the three National Days, are celebrated with joy, elation & fanfare. Occasions like these not only depict the rich tapestry of our culture but foster the fine bonds of sisterhood.



Traditional Korean Folk Music Concert ~The Pansori @ our Campus Auditorium for selected students under the kind aegis of Art Director: Mr. Imsang Song
& Korean Cultural Centre, on Thursday the  4th of December,2014 .

Eminent Artists: SIYOUNG CHOI [on the Haegum] and HYUN SOOK LEE [Vocal]



SESSION 2015-2016



A SYMBOLIC MOMENT in the DAILY LIFE OF ANY COLLEGE and most especially , this year! As, it was not only a new beginning of novel instructions, nebulous forecasting, natural zest, nurtured initiations, numinous nominations and a riffled return to the world of timetables and scheduled deadlines BUT also half a century of opening session and the ORIENTATION DAY!



ON 12TH OF FEBRUARY, 2015 (Thursday), 9 am to 1pm !

A big thanks to all Alumni, present campus Batch and Faculty for making the Poly’s Mela  - a resounding success. There was something for everyone!

A special mention to Dept. of Event Management & Performing Art, who really went out of their way to create exciting activities - for one and all. It was because of them indeed, that we all (young and old) had such a blast!

Thank you! Thank you!

Poly’s Bhangra Dance Competition

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women promoted the Folk Dance of Northern India by holding Poly’s Bhangra Dance Competition at their Campus Auditorium.16 departments took part. Each team had a maximum of ten dancers and were given 4minutes each.

[1]FIRST prize winners: Dept of HOLISTIC HEALTH & FITNESS [88points]
[2]SECOND prize winners
: Dept. of TEXTILE &APPAREL DESIGN [86.75 points]
[3]THIRD prize winners: Dept. of EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION

While the 1st PRIZE winners did very fast and vigorous steps but also had a skit, plot-storyline within the 4 mins - rather than just mere shaking a leg! The 2nd PRIZE winners: TEXTILE & APPAREL DESIGN- actually did a very graceful sophisticated version of the Gidda. Their costumes too, were very eye-catching and cut apart from the others. The 3rd PRIZE winners ECE did a good combination of music and technique.

The were was a six member jury-panel and marks for not only for Choreography, Costume, Music ,Team coordination but also Entry &Exit. The names of the departments were not revealed to the Hon. Jury, to eliminate any bias or unfairness in  scoring.



This much-awaited inauguration is an overture to the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the College, which completes half-a-century, this year!
The Gumbad Gym is an extension of the Department of Holistic Health & Fitness,at the Campus. The Poly’s Gumbad Gym,a climate-friendly/energy-saving and
earthquake-proof building shall not only be used for Fitness Exercises on regular gym machines but also be a Yoga & Meditation Centre. So, it is hoped to be a
true Holistic Centre and beheritage-friendly plus play a significant contemporary role, for the immediate community.
Formal Inauguration by eminent veteran Marathoner Mr.Rahul Verghese,(who is also the Race Director every year for the Shimla and Gurgaon half-Marathon)shall
be at 9.30 a.m.
This shall be followed by an interactive talk on ‘Health and Fitness’ at the Hall of Books.
Contact: The Office for Guest Invitations.
Note: If you are an Alumni, you will not need Invitation Cards.There will be a welcome walk-in entry for you!